hexagon fractions

Hexagon Fractions

Pattern blocks are a great way to introduce fractions and talk about shape attributes at the same time. They provided a hands-on way for my kids to see how numerators are smaller pieces that can make up a whole.

These pages with the blank hexagons and the chart helped my kids begin to manipulate the pieces and get used to the idea of a hexagon as the whole.

 Hexagon Fractions

 Hexagon Fractions

From there, we would create simple fractions, still using the hexagon as a whole. This is also a great page to use when creating equivalent fractions because kids can easily see how different, but equivalent fractions, take up the same amount of space.

 Hexagon Fractions

After my kids were used to creating simple fractions using these shapes, we brought in talking more about the shapes. I really think this aspect helped kids strengthen their connections between numerators and denominators. Plus, it was a great intro to shape attributes which I always explicitly taught after our fractions unit.

 Hexagon Fractions

If you want to use these in your room, you can click on any picture or this link: Hexagon Fractions. Let me know how you use shapes in your room to teach fractions!


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