Absent Folders for Missing Work

Absent Folders

If you are like me, having an absent student was almost a daily experience. For some reason or another at least one student is gone practically every single day. So now while I am in the middle of attendance, grading, teaching, planning, and generally running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I now have to compile the papers for the day for each absent student. This didn’t sound like very much fun to me so I created Absent Folders.

I created these cute cover pages to put on each folder. I laminated the folders because I basically can’t survive if things aren’t laminated and I put them in a drawer that students had access to. I also printed off many, many copies of the small ‘assignments missed’ sheets and put them next to the folders.

Absent Folders Create-Abilities

 Absent Folders Create-Abilities

I then introduced them to the class and explained their purpose. I also explained that I would reward the first student to notice another student was absent and begin a folder for them. I used a classroom money system and I would pay them some classroom bucks.

 Absent Folders Create-Abilities

This took the process of compiling papers for absent students completely out of my hands. It gave me one less thing to worry about and made sure that each student had what they needed on their desk when they returned. The kids were highly motivated to get the absent folders together and it worked great!

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