Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectation Posters: Setting the Right Tone for Your Classroom

Creating clear expectations for your classroom is crucial in setting up the right routines and procedures. But, did you also know that it can set the tone of your room? The feeling and mood of your room can have just as big of an impact on student behavior and achievement as the seating, rules, and routines.

So how do you do that?

I am a firm believer in explicitly teaching your expectations. That way your students know exactly what is required of them as a member of the classroom community. Many times we spend our (very precious) minutes on teaching the rules and procedures needed to run our rooms. Those are extremely important and are an integral part of every classroom. However, we need to also be teaching our expectations just as explicitly.

What do I mean when I say expectations?

I’m not talking about when to sharpen a pencil or how to return a library book. I’m talking about what mindset we want our students to have. Having a growth mindset, developing grit, and feeling safe enough to take risks are very important skills for our students to develop.

Classroom Expectations for Setting the Tone

Why Do I Want to Teach These Expectations?

I want them to know that they matter to me and that I expect them to do their best. I want them to know that my room is a safe place for them to try new things, learn new strategies, and grow as learners. My job as their teacher is to create life-long learners. We want our students to have the skills they need to learn new things across all contexts.

Classroom Expectations for Setting the Tone

The 16 posters cover:

  • I expect you to do your very best.
  • It’s okay to say “I don’t know.”
  • We will do hard things every single day.
  • We will learn something new every single day.
  • If you never try, you will never succeed at anything.
  • Learning is a life time activity.
  • You can get better at something by practicing.

and more!

Classroom Expectations for Setting the Tone

How Should I Display These Posters?

These posters work well as a bulletin board display so your students can refer back to them easily. I recommend starting with just a few posters and adding more over time. You can also rotate through the posters throughout the year. This keeps them from becoming “wallpaper” (objects on our walls that the kids are so used to seeing, the don’t pay attention to what is it anymore.) They also make great hallway displays.

How Can I Download These Posters?

To get a packet of printables for these activities you can click here or on any of the pictures.



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