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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing and Managing Your Classroom

Learn how you can create classroom systems that will make your classroom run smoothly while saving time and reducing stress.
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In this Webinar, you'll learn:

A Major Mindset Shift

that will change the way you approach setting up your classroom every year for the better

The Reasons Why

classroom organization and management plays such a crucial role in our students' learning experience

The 6 Crucial Areas

of a functional classroom that you need to consider before setting up your classroom

How To Save Time

setting up your classroom by starting with a comprehensive classroom plan

Why back to school prep shouldn't start with physically setting up your classroom

Have you ever started to prepare your classroom for the school year, and you just don’t have any idea where to start? Or maybe you get half way through organizing your room just to realize you’re headed in the wrong direction? Or worse, the first day of school comes sooner than you thought, and you know your classroom isn’t ready for primetime?

The issue is, teachers are never taught how to organize and manage our classrooms effectively. Sure, there’s plenty of ideas on social media, but we’re still left piecing our rooms together in a trial-and-error approach that leaves us feeling unsuccessful and exhausted.

A better approach is to create classroom systems. Well-designed classroom systems establish routines and procedures for everything going on in your classroom. They establish clear expectations for you, your students, and your students’ parents. They reduce your workload, increase student independence, and cut down on behavior issues.

With classroom systems, it’s so much easier to physically organize a classroom. Once we have an overall strategy for our classroom function, our classroom space almost designs itself.

So, how do we create classroom systems?

We’ve got you covered. In this webinar, I want to break down the 6 areas of an effective classroom management & organization plan that are crucial to putting together your best classroom yet.

This webinar is a MUST ATTEND if...

Classroom Organization Certificate of Completion

Get Possible PD Credit

Stay to the end of the webinar to get a certificate of completion that you can turn in to your principal for possible PD credit or relicensure points.

A Personal Invitation From Cassie...

Cassie Tabrizi CO

"Professional development and curriculum resources should be molding to the way we teach, not the other way around.

As a teacher, I know how frustrating it is when we’re asked to take valuable time away from our work just to attend a professional development training that’s too abstract to implement, or half-baked by someone who’s clearly never set foot inside a classroom.

I believe that teaching resources and trainings should meet teachers where they are, not the other way around. That’s why I love bringing proven strategies and resources that teachers can seamlessly use in their classrooms.

My team and I work hard to bring teachers trainings that are designed and packaged to give teachers a clear roadmap to meeting their goals in the classroom.

So, for any teachers who are looking to build a classroom that is optimized for exploration and learning, I’d like to invite you to register below. I promise that you’ll come away with clear, actionable ideas that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired to improve your classroom.

for Grades K-5

Hope to see you there!




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