Veterans Day Activities

6 Awesome Veterans Day Activities

Veterans Day in on November 11th. This is an important holiday in my patriotic family. My dad served in the National Guard and my brother-in-law is currently serving in the Army. I have seen the personal sacrifice that they have made. I have seen the sacrifices that my mom made and my sister currently makes. I think this day is crucial for our students to know and remember. Because of this, I have scoured the internet to find some important, easy, and fun activities to do on this day.

1. Flag and Thank You Banner: I really like the flags mixed in with the thank you notes. This would be a good one to hang up in the hallway.

2. Veteran Anchor Chart: I really like this anchor chart. This is a good one for younger grades to do altogether. My only problem is that I couldn’t draw a soldier and have it look that cute! It really focuses student attention on why Veterans are important to us.

3. The Wall by Eve Bunting and other books. I think we can all agree that anything by Eve Bunting is good. The illustrations match the story being told in a beautiful and touching way. If you click on the picture or the link above, it will take you to a list of other books on Amazon.

 4. Veterans Day Waterfall Book I LOVE this idea. Very easy and very hands-on. This blog post only has pictures of her class making this so I decided to make my own labels. If you want to download the FREE VETERANS DAY WATERFALL LABELS just click on the link. If you need help creating a waterfall book, click here.

5. Lots of Veterans Day Activities: links, links and more links!

6. I like to have more printable type activities to mix in with my other activities so I created a Veterans Day Mega Pack.

I feel like this teaches students important parts of this holiday while also practicing other valuable skills. Let’s face it, we don’t have all the time in the world. The more we can kill two birds with one stone the better.

Hopefully these few ideas really helped you for this holiday.


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