How to Handle No Name Papers in Your Classroom

No name papers can be really frustrating to deal with. It affects our grading, how we handle missing assignments, and more. Sometimes we can identify the handwriting of our students and pass them back their paper or sometimes there is only one no name paper and we know exactly who it belongs to. However, for those moments (cough **beginning of the year** cough) where you have multiple papers without names, or you can’t recognize (or read) the handwriting, I want to show you about the No Name Board.


The No Name Board is a place to keep track of all the papers that don’t have a name on them. It is a designated space in the classroom where students know they can look if they have a missing assignment and where you can put all the papers that need attention in one place.


Start by gluing pushpins onto clothespins with hot glue.

Glue Pushpins on Clothespins

You can also use magnets or even tape depending on the kind of surface you are attaching the poster to. I used push pins because I was putting my on cork board.

No Name Board

Attach the poster to the bulletin board or wall space. Then, push the clothes pins on the bottom.

 Clothes Pins on No Name Board

The clothes pins help keep everything nice and neat while helping you put all your no name papers in one place. You can also layer the papers if you happen to have that many.

 No Name Board With Papers

Clothes pins with push pins glued on the back also work great if you have tack strips in your hallway. It becomes extremely easy to hang up papers for hallway displays if you have the clothes pins already attached to the wall!


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