Growth Mindset Bell Ringers

Growth Mindset Bell Ringers

Promoting a growth mindset can feel like a vague and overwhelming topic. If you have been thinking about teaching your students about growth mindset, you might have a few questions. You might be asking yourself:

WHAT does having a growth mindset even mean?

WHEN do I have time to add one more thing?

HOW exactly am I supposed to teach this to my students?

Sound familiar? If you can relate to any of these questions, then I have a simple solution to meet your needs: Daily Bell Ringers. (You could also call this Morning Work or Starters.)

Trying to fit everything into a day can be overwhelming. However, if you make it part of your morning routine, you can teach important concepts in just a few minutes a day.

How it works:

Each day of the school week has a different growth mindset activity. Each week has a different theme tied into fostering a growth mindset. There are also 5 weeks of activities per month.

growth mindset bell ringers


Every Monday, the students have a short reading passage that teaches them about the weekly topic. Then, there is a comprehension or reflection question to help get them writing.


Every Tuesday is a vocabulary word related to the weekly theme. This not only builds dictionary skills (either digital or print), but it also helps them understand parts of speech and abstract nouns.


Every Wednesday is a chance for students to celebrate their growth mindset success, reflect on their goals or ways to improve, and take the occasional self-assessment.


Every Thursday is a chance to learn about someone who shows a growth mindset. There are men and women from around the world that your students can read about, reflect upon what they learned, and answer a question. There are a few weeks where students can reflect, write, or draw about the weekly growth mindset topics.


Every Friday is a Notable Quotable. Students are given a quote tied into the theme. They can then reflect on what they think the quote means and what they can learn from it.

Growth Mindset Bell Ringers

There are tabs so you can separate each month. The cover page for each month is also a coloring page to help practice mindfulness in the classroom.

growth mindset bell ringers

There is a growth mindset quote on each page, as well as designs for the students to customize.

Finally, there is a gratitude journal that comes with this pack. This can be used as a separate journal or included in the bell ringer pack.

Growth Mindset Bell Ringers


  • Students get practice with and exposure to important growth mindset concepts like grit, perseverance, courage, and more throughout the entire year.
  • Students learn about growth mindset in just a few minutes a day.
  • You can customize the order of the months and which weeks you want to use.
  • There are editable pages to create your own topics which allows you to truly customize this to meet the needs of your students.
  • The work is done for you. Save your precious time by having these pre-made, ready to print pages done for you.

growth mindset bell ringers

Grab my Growth Mindset Bell Ringers pack on Teachers Pay Teachers!



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