Slide Cards for Fact Fluency

Slide Cards for Fact Fluency

Recently the school that I worked for asked if I would make some products that would help students develop their fact fluency. This week they have parent-teacher-conferences and they wanted some products that they could pass out to parents to help their kiddos at home. I already had some things for the upper grades: triangle flashcards, part-part-whole multiplication and division flashcards, array flashcards, ZAP commutative property game and more.  (I’m almost done with a complete addition and subtraction fact fluency program called Mighty Math that I’m really excited about! I’ll post more on that later!)

I realized that I didn’t have a lot prepped for the younger grades and that I would need to make a few things for them to choose from. This got my creative juices flowing. I love trying to figure out what is going to meet the needs of my students best. My other teaching half had recently requested that I create some ten frame flashcards. There is nothing out there quite like what she was looking for so I put something together. These ten frame flashcards are great for number recognition, memory games, making tens ( or nines or elevens etc.). That was the only thing that I had ready to go. I needed something that parents could handle (because let’s be honest, it’s easier to train the kids than it is the parents) and something that wasn’t one time use. I had a lot of flashcards in my store and wanted to come up with something different. Enter the fabulous slide card.

I thought the slide card would be an easy way for even our kinders to learn their math facts. I also wanted a way for one product to teach multiple concepts. We teachers are the ultimate multitaskers and we need the resources in our room to be multitaskers too. The concepts that can be covered using these slide cards are:

* addition facts 0-10

* subtraction facts 0-10

* making doubles

* commutative facts

* fact families

* making tens (or other numbers)

* identity property of addition

* zero property of addition

* fact families

The preparation is also really easy. You just need to print out the cards (cardstock is best but I printed them out on normal paper and it was okay). When I cut them out I noticed that it worked better if I cut them all along the black lines. I tried to fudge it a little bit and left some white edges on a few of them and all it did was show me that my mother was right when she said “Do it right or do it over.” I ended up having to go back and trim the white edges off along the black lines. Lesson learned, mothers are always right.

Then I cut out one of the white strips and folded it around the paper, creased the edges and taped the back closed. The first one I did, I folded the white slip exactly the same height as the card. I would recommend doing it slightly bigger so it’s a little more loose for little hands to maneuver.

That’s it! You’re done. The white slip of paper can be slid along the card to cover one of the addends or subtrahends, the addition or subtraction sign or the answer. By choosing what your students cover, you are (obviously) choosing what they are trying to study.

These would be great whole class or in math centers, guided math practice and more!

If you are interested in my slide cards for addition and subtraction fact fluency (that’s somewhat of a mouthful isn’t it?) just click on the link!


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