Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

The holidays are a perfect time to surprise your students with a little gift. It shows them that you love and care about them and that you are grateful to have them in your room. I’ve compiled a list of ideas you can use to find the right idea for your room.

1. Books. Always a good idea. You can stock up on the $1 books from Scholastic or use bonus points.

Books for student gifts

2. Reindeer Lollipops. Give your kids a sweet treat with these cute reindeer lollipops.

You can get the reindeer lollipops printable you see below for free! Either we can email it to you, or you can download it from the ‘Files’ section of our Create-abilities Teacher Community Facebook Group. If you haven’t joined the group yet, it’s a great way to stay up-to-speed on everything Create-abilities, including product announcements, sales, freebies, live broadcasts, giveaways, and more!

You can grab some red tootsie pops here to make your reindeer noses.

Reindeer Lollipop Student Gifts

3. New Pencils, Colored pens, or School Supplies. Every kid loves to draw with a colored pen. Buy each student a colored pen that they can use on a special assignment and watch their faces light up.

Colored Pens

4. Pencils with their names printed on them. Feel like going a little fancier? You can get a pack of 3 personalized pencils in a pouch from ForTeachersOnly.

Personalized Pencils

5. Reward Coupons. Give each child a free homework pass, pajama day, or let them pick their seat. This one is easy to prep and it’s FREE. (Want to save time and not recreate the wheel? Grab my Reward Coupons here.)

Reward Coupons

6. Homemade scarves. Feeling crafty? Buy fleece during the off season and create a simple scarf for each student. They will feel loved and appreciated and will be kept warm all winter. Some stores give extra discounts for teachers (like JoAnn’s), so don’t forget to ask.

homemade fleece scarf

7. Personalized clipboards. Buy clip boards on sale during the back to school season. Then, using stickers or your Cricut, cut out each child’s name and place it on the clip board. Cute and functional!

personalized clipboard for student gifts

8. Personalized dry erase boards. The same ideas as above, just using a dry erase board. Pro tip: go to your local hardware store and have them cut down a big piece of shower board into individual white boards.

Personalized Whiteboard

9. Snowman Soup. Fill a bag or holiday mug with “Snowman Soup”. See how my friend at Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten does it here and grab her FREE Printable here.

Snowman Soup

10. Framed Word Bubble. Use adjectives to describe each child and create a personalized word bubble. You can use free generators liked Wordle, WordItOut, or WordClouds. Print out each word bubble and laminate it or put it in a frame.

Word Bubble Student Gifts



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