Christmas Cursive Writing

Christmas Cursive


I want to tell you about a really fun Christmas art project/activity that you can do in your rooms this year. I call it Christmas Cursive. This is a really simple activity that practices multiple skills and takes a long time to complete (double bonus!).

Students take a list of spelling words and practice writing them in cursive in one continuous line around the black edges. I used a list of Christmas words you can grab for free here or you can use your own lists. You can also have the kids write in print around the edges. I have done that for certain students and it still works great!

Note: You can also use other things like vocabulary words, math facts, etc. 

Christmas Cursive Art Project
Christmas Cursive Project

The example above uses math facts. The example below uses words from the Christmas word list.

Christmas Cursive Art Project
Christmas Cursive with Spelling Words

When they are done, it should look something like this:

Christmas Cursive Art Project
Christmas Cursive Art Project

(Pretty cool, right?)

Then have your students color it in however they will. Depending on the class, I sometimes let them write or trace over their words in thin black marker before they color. Not every class can handle using Sharpies so we just leave it in pencil.

Christmas Cursive Art Project
Christmas Cursive Art Project

I then glue then on green or red construction paper to act as a border and hang them in the hall. They look amazing hanging in the hallway and the kids love showing off this unique piece of art!

Click on the link to grab the FREE Christmas Cursive Templates. I have several choices for your room. The blank tree can be left that way, or you can add your own lines on the inside depending on the needs of your students.

If you need some for other holidays, you can check out my blog post here.

(NOTE: I have had several requests asking where I got the clip art to use as a template. It is from Educlips which is one of my FAVORITES! You can find her Tpt store by clicking here.)





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