Christmas Cursive Writing

Christmas Cursive

I want to tell you about a really fun Christmas art project/activity that you can do in your rooms this year. I call it Christmas Cursive. This is a really simple activity that practices multiple skills and takes a long time to complete (double bonus!).

Students take a list of spelling words and practice writing them in cursive in one continuous line around the black edges. I used a list of Christmas words you can grab for free here or you can use your own lists. You can also have the kids write in print around the edges. I have done that for certain students and it still works great!

You start by taking one of the blank outlines. Then, cover it with a blank piece of paper and staple it at the top and the bottom. This will save your templates year after year so you can reuse them. For kids that need extra help staying on the lines or could use the guidance, you can just give them the black outline.

Pass out the list of words you want your kids to use. I always, always, always, model what I want my kids to do first. I show them how to go around the corners and write on curved lines. You can set the rules for this that you want to use. I just tell kids to try and fit the most words they can while staying within the black lines. I have had some students that want to use every millimeter of space and will end a line with a partial word and that’s fine with me too. The main goal here is for students to practice their cursive or print handwriting in a fun way. Some kids write really, really big. This is a great chance for them to write small. Those students who don’t have the skills needed to write small, can still write big and have this work.

You can see how the words are all connected. I also did separate words one the curved lines.

 Christmas Cursive

 Christmas Cursive

When they are done, it should look something like this:

 Christmas Cursive

(Pretty cool, right?)

Then have your students color it in however they will. Depending on the class, I sometimes let them write or trace over their words in thin black marker before they color. Not every class can handle using Sharpies so we just leave it in pencil.

 Christmas Cursive

I then glue then on green or red construction paper to act as a border and hang them in the hall. They look amazing hanging in the hallway and the kids love showing off this unique piece of art!

Click on the link to grab the FREE Christmas Cursive Templates. I have several choices for your room. The blank tree can be left that way, or you can add your own lines on the inside depending on the needs of your students.

If you need some for other holidays, you can check out my blog post here.

(NOTE: I have had several requests asking where I got the clip art to use as a template. It is from Educlips which is one of my FAVORITES! You can find her Tpt store by clicking here.)




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